Berrak Turşuları

Healthy Fermented Foods

If the general health status of your body is concerned, it is important to incorporate different foods into your food schedule for the right nutrition. Example is; Probiotic foods ... Useful bacteria, fermented foods need to be fed.

What is Lactic Acid Fermentation?

Lacto-fermentation or daaktic acid fermentation is a process in which foods are converted to lactic acid. The increase in lactobacilli in the food gives a sour taste that will be hard to eat. Fermante foods are literally full of beneficial bacteria.
Especially for the intestine, our flora is the most important protection of probiotics. For this, it is very important to consume fermented products. Sensitive probiotics can die fairly quickly for reasons such as irregular feeding, consumption of processed products, stress. Fermented products make it stronger and more prosperous.
Fermented products show positive developments. Lactic acid is enriched and the amount of essential amino acid is increasing. Cholesterol falls, blood pressure balances, supports the bowel system, colon heart disease is good for.
Most fermentation products will be encountered near those who see cancer treatment. It also prevents the formation of cancer cells. These factors need to consume more and more balanced structure.
If we will look at the fermented food we traditionally consume in Turkey;
- Tarhana from cereal crops
- Yogurt and kefir from dairy products
- Pickled vegetables
- Boza and turnip juice

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